Consumer Assistance Coalition Broadening America An Illinois Not-For-Profit Corporation

"Helping To Organize Healthier Financial Decisions"

Introducing: CACBA  

Consumer Assistance Coalition Broadening America, an Illinois Not-For-Profit corporation, doing business as CACBA, is looking to assist our local communities within the United States with its various programs, products, and services, which include, but are not limited to:

  • Self Sufficiency Education via the              FDIC Money Smart program
  • Drugs and Alcohol Intervention via our affiliate, RUI...Reformers Unanimous International 
  • Toys For Tots Gift Program via our affiliate, RAJ Toys, LLC
  • Real Estate Assistance through our Real Estate Purchasing and Rental Program, the Ameri-Home Dream Purchasing Program 
  • Credit education and budgeting
  • Advocacy

                   ............And much more is on its way!

August 15, 2011: CACBA Reintroduces Its...

Ameri-Home Dream Purchasing Program

Recognizing the many economic challenges of today's individuals and families, CACBA is in the process of organizing a real estate purchasing program for people losing their homes and for persons seeking to purchase a home, however, in either case, these individuals may lack the ability to obtain financing to complete their desired goals and objectives of obtaining a mortgage loan refinance or modification, or a home purchase mortgage loan.

Further, these individuals may not know where to turn, or the steps to take to attempt to attain their desired goals, whatever they may be, whether to attempt to rescue the home from a foreclosure, finalize a modification, purchase a home, or otherwise.

Therefore, CACBA has devised a solution to answer some of today's challenges in the world of real estate with its Ameri-Home Dream Purchasing Program!

In the future you will be able to speak to a  local CACBA Community Liaison for further details, and be able to sign up to become a CACBA Member, and start the process of evaluation to qualify for the Ameri-Home Dream Purchasing Program!






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CACBA shall be refocusing its efforts in a new direction of educational programming.  Keep a watch for new details of programs coming your way.  We wish everyone well, and great success this year.



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